Social Program

Two social events are arranged in the social program 


1) An official bus tour of Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

   Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is a major showcase of Qingdao. The bridge is the second longest sea bridge in China which has 36.5 km in total length with 26.7 km of it over the water. The bridge connects more than 3.7 million people living in three major urban districts across the Jiaozhou Bay.



2) A scenic tour of Langyatai 

    Langyatai scenic area is located about 40 km south of the conference venue. It is the place where the first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang sent his adviser Xu Fu to the remote islands in the eastern ocean seeking immortal medicines. Langyatai has become one of the famous tourist hotspots in Qingdao after the screening of the movie series – Langyatai.




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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline:

 31st March 2021 15th April 2021

Extended Deadline: 1st Feb. 2022


Abstract Acceptance:

30th April  2021 Rollover


Full Paper Submission Deadline:

30th June 2021  14th July 2021

Extended Deadline: 1st March 2022 


Notification of Acceptance:

15th August 2021 1st Sept. 2021

1st of April 2022

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