Submitted Abstracts

Tracks # Abstract title Corresponding Author Co-authors Country/Region
CT01 10 Dynamic properties of an axially moving plate in aero-thermal environment Guo Yao   China
  12 Cauchy-Born hypothesis based numerical homogenization method Pingzhang Zhou   USA
  55 Vibration characteristics of a rotating drum partially coated with strain-depended hard coatings Wei Sun Dongxu Du China
  61 Study on contact and friction dynamics of nuclear polar crane under strong earthquake Wenli Yao Xingang Zhang, Zhaohui Qi China
  76 Study on the steady-state vibration power flow transfer characteristics of underwater launcher Yinglong Zhao  Ben Zhang, Jingyue You China
  106 Vibration analysis of liquid filled pipeline with viscoelastic support under pulsating excitation Bo Zhao Xiaojun Liu, Baocheng Zhang China
  109 Research on Flow-Induced Transient Vibration Characteristics of Elbow Pipe Based on Working Condition Conversion Kaisheng Zhang Yetao Wu, Baocheng Zhang, Shihao Yang China
  114 Wave Propagation in Smart Functionally Graded Porous Nanocomposite Plates under Multi-Physics Fields Zhaoye Qin Wenliang Gao, Fulei Chu China
  147 Free Vibration of Rotating Metal Foam Joined Conical-Cylindrical Shells  Reinforced with Graphene Platelets Yan Qing Wang Qingdong Chai China
  168 Thermomechanical sensitivity of FGMs plate behavior Sangheon Lee Jihwan Kim Korea
  192 Vibration characteristics of the pipe-in-pipe system subjected to two-phase internal flow by means of Green’s function Xueping Chang   China
  217 Transverse Vibration of Axially Moving Functionally Graded Nanoplates in a Hygrothermal Environment based on the Nonlocal Strain Gradient Theory  Li Cheng Chengxiu Zhu HK, China
  219 Simulation Analysis of nonlinear ship resonance stability of shipboard Helicopter Yan Zhu  Feng-nan Sun, Ai-min Ling, Qi-you Cheng, Zhizhuang Feng, Zhi-xiong Dai, Cheng Liu China
  251 Numerical analysis of coupled vibration for a propeller-shaft system of an underwater vechile with misalignment Juan Zhang Jinjun Lou China
  296 Research on the Nonlinear Characteristic of Main Drive System under Multifrequency Excitations in Hot Tandem Rolling Mill Yifang Zhang Li Cui, Xiaolong Zhu, Xiaoqiang Yan China
CT02 141 Dynamic characteristics analysis of gear bearing system considering the fractal rough tooth surface wear Xiaopeng Li Jinchi Xu, Xingchao Qu China
CT03 39 Near-field Acoustic Holography based on Prolate Spheroidal Wave Superposition Jingjun Lou Xuxin Zhang, Zhimin Chen, Jinfang Lu China
  58 The study of the sound transmission and absorption of complex panel structures Gang Wang Deyu Kong, Wenlong Li, Zhihua Feng, Junfang Ni China
  82 Sound transmission analysis of laminated composite structures with embedded damping layers Xiaosong zhu Hui Zhen China
  93 Topology optimization of vibro-acoustic interaction based on a strongly coupled model reduction Jin-Gyun Kim Ngoc-Linh Nguyen Korea
  125 Vibro-Acoustic Characteristics Analysis of Building Structures Based on Mode Synthesis Strategy and Nonlinear Modal Theory Xing-Rong Huang  Yi Yao, Dong-Lai Yang, Louis Jézéquel



  127 Multiphysics mode synthesis for vibro-acoustic coupled model reduction Jin-Gyun Kim Giheung Gu Korea
  135 Acoustic analysis in a pipe by using Analytical SEA (Optimization of an automobile exhaust pipe) Kai Kurihara Toru Yamazaki, Guanchi Chen, Pengcheng Yan, Kazumasa Ikeda Japan
  181 Identification and assessment of flanking transmission in measurement of sound transmission loss of multilayer panels Sebastian Oberst Can Nerse, Shahrokh Sepehrirahnama, Ben Halkon, Stephen Moore, Ian MacGillivray Australia
  242 Vibro-acoustic response of the rectangular panel with elastic constraints induced by aeroacoustic noise from the backed cavity Jie Zhou Heye Xiao, Chizhen Xu, Dan Sui, Jintao Gu China
  248 The study on underwater vibration and acoustic radiation of functionally graded piezoelectric plates with general boundary conditions Tiangui Ye  Xinxin Wang, Guoyong Jin, Yuhang Yang  China
  249 A semi-analytical method for vibro-acoustic Characteristics of submerged Composite laminated Cylindrical Shell Tiangui Ye  Yuhang Yang   China
  265 Simultaneous optimization of damping layer and thickness profile of an Acoustic Black Hole Plate for suppressing sound radiation Hongli Ji Wei Huang, Jinhao Qiu China
CT04 14 Rail corrugation characteristics in metro small radius curve track with common fasteners Zhiqiang Wang Zhenyu Lei China
  32 Analysis of coated blisks with nonlinear strain dependence characteristics of coatings Wei Sun Xianfei Yan, Dongxu Du China
  33 A Structural Features-constrained Method for Random Acoustic Array Configuration Zhihong Liu Ming Ma, Hualiang Zhao, Chao Li China
  41 Robust Stability Enhancement of Model-Free Vibration Control for Dynamic Characteristic Variations of Proof-Mass Actuator Itsuro Kajiwara Yuto Sato, Ansei Yonezawa, Heisei Yonezawa Japan
  54 Micro-Vibration Control in High Precision Spacecraft Yaoqi Feng   China
  90 Study on the influence of water medium on the isolation characteristics of double cylindrical shell and optimization design Yinglong Zhao Jingyue You, Ben Zhang China
  100 Sound Quality Prediction for Electric Powertrain Guoxi Jing Hai Liu, Hao Zhang, Yuebo He, Zhiguo Kong, Jifang Li China
  105 Vibration analysis and topology optimization of a rotating shell-plate coupled structure treated with constrained layer damping Zhaoye Qin Runze Zhu, Fulei Chu China
  120 Robust topology optimization of CLD on plates under interval uncertainty Dongdong Zhang Fuqiang Luan, Jineyue Chen China
  122 Development of Mode Separation Method for Frame-Panel Structures Using 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform Itsuki Nakashima Takumi Inoue, Ren Kadowaki, Yuki Abe Japan

Performance analyses and damping optimization of sandwich plates with viscoelastic core layers

Hui Zheng Gongshuo Zhang China
  128 A wide-frequency tuned mass damper for inhibiting rail corrugation on curve section of viaduct Xiaotang Xu  Xuejun Yin, Yapeng Wang, Huichao Li China
  151 Design of Noise Reduction for Air-cooled Heat Pump Units Chaoqun Wu Peng He China
  156 Particle Damping Nonlinear Energy Sink for vibration suppression of rotor system Hongliang Yao Peiran Yang, Qingdong Zhu, Rui Guo China
  160 Simulation Research on Temperature Field of Acoustic enclosure of Heat Pump units Chaoqun Wu Yaowen Tan China
  178 Vibration Control Performance by Variable Stiffness Using Magnetorheological Grease Riku Okamura Toshihiko Shiraishi Japan
  180 Transmission Path Analysis of Combustion and Piston Slap Excitation based on Experimental and Finite Element Methods Guoxi Jing Hai Liu, Junhai Zhang, Yi Wang, Xiao-chun Zeng China
  182 Vibration characteristic analysis of laminated composite conical-cylindrical shell in thermal environment with arbitrary boundary conditions Xianjie Shi Peng  Zuo China
  185 Equivalent source method based on ray wave function constrained by Dirac-delta function for near-field acoustic holography Yu Xiang Ziyu Shi, Jing Lu, Yujiang Wang China
  187 Combination ray wave superposition method for near field acoustic holography and neural network construction of its combination coefficient Yu Xiang Yanhao Chen, Jing Lu, Yujiang Wang China
  189 Sensitivity analysis of factors affecting sound field reconstruction accuracy of ray wave superposition method Yu Xiang Yujiang Wang, Ziyu Shi, Jing Lu, Shaojie Tang China
  203 Design and application of lightweight composite partitions with high sound insulation in hotel interior spaces Hequn Min Ting Qu, Bo Wwang China
  214 Low frequency and broadband vibration and sound reduction of panels from high performance metamaterial damping Yubao Song Hao Zhang, Shengbing Chen, Ben Huang, Weidong Cai China
  228 Automated tuning of Kalman based virtual sensors for full-field acoustic pressure Bart Forrier Karl Janssens Belgium
  239 Reduction of a hand tremor using an active mass damper and an adaptive filter-based  controller Yamakoshi Tomoya Komatsuzaki Toshihiko, Tada Kaoru, Matsuda Masasi Japan
  267 Wave energy focusing effect in carbon fiber composite Acoustic Black Hole plates and its vibration suppression characteristics Hongli  Ji Wei Huang, Jinhao Qiu, Feng Zheng China
  274 Study of adaptive algorithm of feedback active noise control system Ning Han lingchen Zhou China
  303 Analysis and Optimization of Dynamic Stiffness for Seat Installation Points in Commercial Vehicle Yanlin Jin Ling Zheng, Chonghui Yang, Jicheng Ma, Minxiang Wei  China
  324 Multi physical field coupling analysis of electromagnetic vibration and noise of Fe Co based permanent magnet motor for electric vehicle Peng Hou  Baojun Ge
Dajun Tao
CT05 15 Investigating Satellite Attitude and Orbit Control System Performance of the SDRE Technique regarding Parametric Uncertainty Luiz Carlos Gadelha de Souza Alessandro Romero Brazil
  22 Investigation of energy transfer resulting from a switchable local stiffness to stabilize self-excited drill string vibrations Vincent Kulke Georg-Peter Ostermeyer Germany
  115 A Round Inductosyn Measuring System Adapted to the Vibration and Temperature Changes Yuanwei Jiu Chenpeng Cui, Zhihong Liu China
  119 An Optimal Designing of Vibration Absorber Based on Two-dimensional Acoustic Black Holes Jinhao Qiu Xiaoning Zhao, Hongli  Ji China
  130 Research on track modeling and structure optimization of ball screw nut pair Qin Wu Chenyu Yang, Guozhang Chen, Jianjun Yang, Jie Zhang China
  132 Self-powered active control on a single degree of freedom system under seismic excitation Jinyang Li Songye Zhu HK, China
  144 Noise suppression in control algorithm optimization of remote sensing satellite scanning mirror Chenpeng Cui Yuanwei Jiu, Fengshou Gu



  159 Cascade Control of Liquid Fuel Thorium-based Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR-LF1) Hexiang Wang Minghai Li, Jian Tian, Yongzhong Chen China
  164 Udwadia-Kalaba method for dynamics of unilateral constraint rigid body system with friction Wenli Yao Mingming Guo China
  183 Driving Signal Generation for Virtual Vibration Test Rig in Modelling a Dozer Bulldozing Soil Xiangqian Zhu Longye Pan, Jin-Hwan Choi



  186 Dynamic analysis of floating net cage with different currents Xiangqian Zhu Qingxian Bi China
  215 Control and optimization of contact behavior in four-point contact ball bearings Hui Xi Tian Ran Lin, Xiaoli Ma, Guifei Wang, Ye Zhou, Guofa Sun China
  222 Calculating periodic and chaotic vibrations of piecewise-linear systems using matrix exponential function Nguyen Van Khang Nguyen Thai Minh Tuan Vietnam
  310 Structure optimization design of high frequency dynamic test instrument Linxuan Zhou Yinglong Zhao
Weitao Zheng
Bin Yu 
CT06 24 Parametric study on the low-frequency sound absorption performance of a double-layer multiple parallel-arranged inhomogeneous microperforated panel absorber Jiu Hui Wu Faisal Rafique China
  78 A Bloch mode condensation method for fast elastic band-structure computation Hui Zheng Chenyang Xi China
  129 Analysis of dual-function thermoelastic cloak based on coordinate transformation theory Yan-Feng Wang Yu-ze Tian, Gan-Yun Huang, Yue-Sheng Wang China
  140 Broadband transmission type coding metasurfaces Haowen Dong Shengdong Zhao China
  153 Customized inverse design of broadband acoustic metamaterials Haowen Dong Sheng-Dong Zhao, Chen Shen, Chuanzeng Zhang, Steven A. Cummer, Yue-Sheng Wang, Li Cheng



  201 Research on Ship Vibration and Noise Reduction Characteristics Based on Acoustic Metamaterials Zhang Cong Jin Jiulu, Yang Lei, Zheng Hao China
  202 An ultrathin asymmetric sound absorber with ventilation Houyou Long Ying Cheng, Xiaojun Liu China
  207 Tunable band gap and waveguide of periodic grid structure by thermal control Yan-Feng Wang Shuai Yang China
  246 Low frequency vibration attenuation of arrowheads metamaterials sandwich plate with negative Poisson’s ratio core Zhaobo Chen Leizhi Wang, Li Cheng China
  292 Solitary Waves in a Nonlinear Layered Phononic Crystal Zhi-Guo Liu   China
  301 Vibration Reduction Effects of Multi-layered Noise Absorbing and Insulating Materials Jiajun Hong Tatsuya Araki, Takuya  Yoshimura Japan
  315 Bandgap mechanism and vibration attenuation of 1-D tetra-chiral metamaterials Yingli Li Hanqing Zhang China
  321 Functional-switchable Adaptive Elastic Metasurface with Stacked Piezoelectric Patches C. W. Lim

Zoe Yaw

W.J. Zhou

HK, China


CT07 23 Study on the Influence of Bearing Capacity on Stability of Flexible Supported Rotor Tingwei Wu  Yujie Bai  China
  30 Position and Orientation Identification of Inertial Sensors Mounted on an Industrial Robot Yaguo Lei Huan Liu, Xiao Yang, Wenlei Song, Junyi Cao China
  102 A geometric kinematic identification of an Industrial robot based on a multi-camera system Hanwen Song Fan Meng, Tianchi Gao China
  142 Dynamic response of a friction sealed rotor system considering bearing time varying stiffness under maneuvering flight Xiaopeng Li Renzhen Chen, Jing Su China
  169 Vibration Characteristics of a Dual Rotor-Blisk-Casing System with Blade Tip Rubbing Fault Yang Yang Jin Zeng, Hui Ma, Yiren Yang China
  177 The effects of Blade-rigid-casing rubbing on coating wear and blade vibration Hui Ma Lin Qu, Tianru Rang, Qian Xiong, Bangchun Wen  China
  200 A Method for Robot-world and Hand-eye Calibration in Hybrid Eye-in-hand/Eye-to-hand System Hanwen Song Xiao Wang, Kai Wang China
  209 Vibration analysis of crack-blade-disk-shaft coupling system under multi-load excitation Wen-Ming Zhang Zhi-Yuan Wu, Han Yan China
  279 Study on the unbalanced fault dynamic characteristics of full ceramic ball bearing-rotor system considering the effect of clearance fit Wenzhi He Zhan Wang, Ke Zhang China
  281 Investigation of the gyroscopic effect on the steam turbine generator unit for solar thermal power plant Nanfei Wang Zhipeng Feng China
  282 A co-simulation model for simulating turbocharger rotors with ball bearings Daixing Lu   China
CT08 50 Prediction of the flow-induced tones of an open cavity with a flexible wall using the describing-function method Cheng Yang Tingsheng Zhong China
  166 Whistle acoustic simulation Wang Li Xia Li China
  174 Baesd Hybrid Simulation Method Study of Pipe Resonance Cavity Changan Bai Tianning Chen, Wuzhou Yu, Ze Zhou China
  197 Dimension reduction simulation of multi-dimensional stochastic turbulence field Zhangjun Liu Xinxin Ruan, Yun Liu China
CT09 111 Observation of centrifugal hardening effect of rotating blades based on digital image correlation Hanwen Song Jiasheng Huang China
CT10 1 Cause Analysis of Rail Corrugation in Vehicle Starting Section of Metro Zhiqiang Wang Zhenyu Lei China
  46 Theoretical and experimental investigation on active control of stiffness and damping characteristics of sandwich plate with MRE function core Hui Li Wenyu Wang, Xiangping Wang, Qingkai Han China
  67 Dynamics of a tri-stable energy harvester under narrow-band random excitation Nie Xin Yanfei Jin China
  81 Analysis and tests of magnetorheological adaptive shock mitigation system Xian-Xu Bai Ping Jiang, Ling Yuan, Zhi-Yuan Si China
  101 Non-smooth characteristics of rotor/stator rubbing systems with the Stribeck friction model Jun Jiang Yang Li, Shunzeng Wang China
  139 Global state analysis and line spectrum control of nonlinear vibration isolation system Xiang Yu Zhaolun Zuo China
  143 Vibration of Solar Panels in Consideration of Nonlinear Stiffness of Tape Spring Hinges and Flexible Deformation of Panels Xiangqian Zhu Wenyan Gu, Yegao Qu, Jinsheng Zhang China
  167 The Effect of Damping on Self-Synchronization in Two Unbalanced Rotors Miwa Sueda Hiroki Mori, Takahiro Kondou Japan
  179 Investigation on dynamic characteristics of a dual-rotor-casing-bearing coupled system considering rub-impact fault in presence of non-uniform initial gap Yang Yang Xianfeng Zhao, Yuanyuan Li, Yiren Yang China
  220 Nonlinear Models of Magnetorheological Elastomers and The Vibration Isolation Systems Guanghong Zhu  Yeping Xiong, Ming Li



  244 Fractional order control of nonlinear active suspension with input delay Qingsong Cao Li Xu, Xing Yi China
  252 Study on nonlinear dynamic characteristics of vibratory roller-subgrade coupling system Shupeng Sun Fenghui Wang China
  260 Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Integrally Shrouded Circle Blades Considering Contact Features Xin Fang Tao Li China
  269 The coupled vibration response analysis of gearbox with a bearing localized defect Juanjuan Shi Yihao Yu China
  270 Dynamic Analysis of QZS System with Three Types of Damping Chunyan Zhou Xiaoying Hu China
  273 Research on fluid-structure interaction of gear pump under high speed and heavy load condition Yu Xing Xuejing Liu, Bin Zhang China
  283 Research on Vibration Response of Compound Planetary Considering Backlash and Comprehensive Error Yinong Li Chenglin Zan, Tingqiong Cui China
CT11 40 Signal Simulation of Stochastic Road Excitation Paul Walker Daoyu Shen, Shilei Zhou, Nong Zhang Australia
  65 High-performance control system for vehicle suspension using passive negative stiffness and semi-active damping Xiang Shi   China
  69 Controllable electrically interconnected suspension for the vibration control of high-speed marine craft seat Donghong Ning Haoyu Zhan, Haiping Du China
  70 A novel seat suspension with a negative stiffness structure and a variable inertance device Donghong Ning Junjie Zhao, Haiping Du China
  80 Study on Vibration Control Technique for Elevator using Guide Roller Mechanism Yuya Tase Osamu Furuya Japan
  116 A semi-active inertance device based on electromagnetic dampers for the high-speed craft seat Donghong Ning Guangrui Luan, Haiping Du China
  191 Utilization of Smith Predictor in a Leveling Operation by Scale Model of Hydraulic Excavator Takashi Kawamura Takashi Hirano, Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Akito Ito Japan
  198 Optimal Control of Energy Management Strategy for PHEV Based on Dynamic Simulation Xiangqian Zhu Kaige Zhang China
  224 A study of dynamic responses and chaos control of gear transmission system in locomotive under influence of track irregularity Zhaoyuan Yao  Junguo Wang  China
  238 On the tonal noise emitted from the automobile wheel Osamu Terashima Zhe Li, Ryo Kiyotaki, Kohei Ono Japan
  272 Dynamics and Tribological Performance of Piston System Considering Cylinder Liner Vibration Bo Zhao Xinqing Hu, Baocheng Zhang China
  275 Analysis of Vertical Vibration Characteristics of a Vehicle with Non-circular Wheels Zhichao Hou Yunfeng Zhi, Ranyi Liu China
  294 Obtaining Excitation Spectrum of Commercial Vehicle Seat Based on Virtual Iteration Method Ling Zheng Minxiang Wei, Jicheng Ma, Xiantong Yang, Yanlin Jin China
CT12 13 Vibration Control with a Tunable Electromagnetic Shunt Damper under Opposing Magnet Pairs Configuration Ruqi Sun Waion Wong, Li Cheng HK, China
  35 Active-passive hybrid vibration isolator based on multi-line spectrum adaptive control Zhaozhao Ma Qingchao Yang, Ruiping Zhou China
  74 A QZS Vibration Isolator with Magnetic Stiffness Enhanced by Electromagnetic Shunt Damping Bo Yan Hongye Ma, Ke Wan China
  77 Low frequency passive vibration isolation technology and  its application prospect in naval equipment Changgeng Shuai Zhaohao Yang, Buyun Li China
  85 Constitutive models optimization and high-frequency dynamic characteristics analysis of rubber isolator Xiaoang Liu  Jiaqi Zhang , Wenbin Shangguan  China
  134 Evaluation and analysis of response reduction effect of seismic isolation device using air floating technology Go Nakamura Osamu Furuya, Hisao Kato, Koji Yamazaki Japan
  148 Research on 3-RPC Parallel Vibration Isolation Platform Based on Magnetorheological Damper Chaoqun Wu Jinghui Chen, Xiang Xia China
  204 Vibration Isolation by Exploring Geometric Nonlinearity of Rhombus Structure with Magnetic Compensation Wen-Ming Zhang Ge Yan, Wen-Hao Qi, Sen Wang China
  218 An innovative multi-dimensional base isolation device for urban overpass Bo Fu Zi’an Cheng, Gan Xu, Jiexi Liu, Yuyang Cheng, Guowei Yu  China
  243 Investigation Study on Damping Ratio of Vibration Isolator in Floating Slab Track Yunfeng Gao  Xuejun Yin, Songliang Lian, Guoyan Zhao China
  308 Study on vibration transmission characteristics of liquid filled double cylindrical shell with spring Anbin Yu  Yinglong Zhao, Meixia Chen China
  309 Simulation and test study on static stiffness of rubber isolator in air and shallow water Weitao Zheng Yinglong Zhao China
CT13 36 A New Knurling Technology Using Ultrasonic Vibration Shigeru Aoki Yasunori Sakai, Tomohisa Tanaka Japan
  53 Investigation of the linear and nonlinear characteristics of a piezoelectric energy harvester using a Lambda–shaped beam and magnets Hong Hee Yoo Haitao Qing Korea
  71 Shape Optimisation of a Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter in Random Waves Liguo Wang Peiyin Hu China
  95 Design and nonlinear analysis of multi-stable energy harvesters Bintang Yang Xingbao Huang China
  145 Stability and dynamic characteristics of a nonlinear vibrating system with single rigid frame considering concrete particle flow effect Xueliang Zhang Chen Zhang, Wenchao Hu, Zhiguo Gao, Bangchun Wen China
  205 Design, modeling and experiment of a magnetic coupling bistable energy harvester using geometrically nonlinear boundaries for rotating energy harvesting Wen-Ming Zhang Lin-Chuan Zhao, Hong-Xiang Zou China
  216 Theoretical and experimental study on improving the bonding neck of Material extrusion (ME) products by applied vibration Shijie Jiang Pifeng Chen, Yang Zhan, Chaoqun Yun, Wei Sun China
CT14 3 A monocular vision-based measurement method used for low-frequency linear and rotary vibration  Ming Yang Chenguang Cai, Zhihua Liu, Huanxing Zhao, Hejia Li China
  88 The Improved Calculus and Filter Algorithm Based on Optimal Black Box Design Jinming Liu  Feng Liu China
  103 Estimation of dynamic characteristics of rigid body foundation using FRF-based substructure decoupling Fumiyasu Kuratani Katsuya Takashima, Tatsuya Yoshida, Takenobu Matsuura Japan
  137 In-plane modal sensor design for annular plate structure with various boundary conditions Jingtao Du Peng Lyu China
  158 Mechanical Performance Evaluation of Magnetorheological Damper Chaoqun Wu Jianglin Hu, Jinghui Chen China
  162 Research on the Phenomenon of a Self-synchronization System Based on Simulation and Experiment Hanwen Song Kai Wang, Jialu Xu China
  170 Perceiving Excitation Characteristics from Interactions between Field Road and Vehicle via Vibration Sensing Xiaoqin Li Yuansheng Cheng China
  188 Study of Drag Force of Cone-shaped Drogue in Fluid Based on Machine Learning Xiangqian Zhu Mingqi Sun, Tianhao He, Kaiben Yu, Le Zong China
CT15 25 Study on fluctuation in the spectrums of torque data during golf swing due to the mass difference of golf club shafts Kousuke Okazaki Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Akihito Ito, Masahiko Ueda, Yuto Nakamura Japan
  63 Wheel diameter difference detection for railway vehicle by ACMD Kaiyun Wang Bo Xie, Shiqian Chen, Shunqi Sui China
  87 Research on Transient Vibration Signal Detection and Analysis Based on Improved Power-Law Detector and VMD Baocheng Zhang Shihao Yang, Kaisheng Zhang, Yetao Wu China
  98 Speech Separation by Time-frequency Analysis Using Deep Learning Kohei Takahashi Toshihiko Shiraishi Japan
  121 Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of AGC in Digital Audio Dakun Li Jinyu Li China
  172 Modal frequency extraction based on 3D-CNN Hanwen Song Kuanyong Zhou, Zhicheng Tian China
  237 Ground Reaction Force Estimation from Measured Kinematic Data: Data-driven Approaches Xiaoxu Zhang Hongbin Fang, Jian Xu, Yang Lv China
  286 An adaptive edge detection method for filtering out background features in steel plate defect images Baojia Chen Mengteng Cheng, Fafa Chen, Baoping Tang, Wenrong Xiao China
  317 Separation and conversion of mono speech and noise Xiaoping Xie   China
CT16 11 A Mechanical Diagnosis Method based on vibration fault signal down-sampling and the improved one-dimensional convolutional neural network Huaqing Wang Bowei Yuan China
  42 Study on the Chaotic Characters and Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox in High Dimension Hua Zhu Yu Jiang China
  94 Vibration Phase Information based Real-time Fault Detection Method for Power Transformers Jing Zheng Hai Huang, Lingzhi Li China
  96 Adversarial flow-based model for unsupervised fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings Jun Wang Linquan Yao, Jun Dai, Zhongkui Zhu, Weiguo Huang China
  112 The Semi Supervised Fault Diagnosis Model Based on Convolutional  Neural Network and Tri-Training Chao Zhang Tian Han, Jia-chen Pang, Longwen Zhang China
  133 Intelligent Cross-Domain Fault Diagnosis Method with Domain Alignment and Discriminative Feature Learning Zhaohui Ren Yongchao Zhang, Kun Yu China
  150 Vibration and sound data fusion for bearing using convolution neural network Shixi Yang Jiahao Sun, Chenfang Wu, Yao Tu, Jun He China
  165 Research on the Influence of Crack Parameters on the Vibration Characteristics of Gas Turbine Compressor Blades Shixi Yang Weiwen Yu, Zhisheng Peng, Hongwei Chi, Jun He China
  221 Dynamic response analysis of a planetary gear with tooth tip chipping fault Dong Zhen Yinghui Liu, Jirui Zhu, Hao Zhang, Zhanqun Shi, Fengshou Gu



  223 Rolling bearing fault diagnosis based on wavelet denoising and fast spectral correlation Dong Zhen Shaoning Tian, Haiyang Li, Hao Zhang, Zhanqun Shi, Fengshou Gu, Yan Chen



  227 Application of CYCBD for the planetary gearbox fault diagnosis based on encoder information Boyao  Zhang Yonghao Miao, Jing Lin, Chenhui Li China
  232 Dynamic Modeling of Rolling Bearing with Local Defect under Thermal Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Changfeng Yan Yubo Wang, Bin Liu, Xin Zhang China
  234 Analysis of Abnormal Vibration of Nuclear Power Pump Based on Data Mining Qinglei Jiang Xiuqun Hou, Biqi Miao China
  250 Bearing fault diagnosis under variable conditions based on adaptive variational mode decomposition and generalized morphological fractal dimensions for wind turbines Tongle Xu Xiaojia Kong China
  253 Fault diagnosis of wind turbine bearing based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Improved Deep Convolutional Neural Network Tongle Xu Liang Meng China
  254 Application of integrated spectral coherence in railway axle-box bearing fault diagnosis Yao Cheng Bingyan Chen, Weihua Zhang China
  271 Early fault diagnosis of rotating machinery based on parameter optimized variation mode decomposition with life-cycle Yong Chen Guangxin Li, Wenqing Wang, Hai Liu, Fangbo He, Rui Liu China
  276 Normalized Conditional Variational Autoencoder for Imbalanced fault diagnosis of rolling bearings Xiaoli Zhao  Jianyong Yao, Minping Jia China
  280 Application of a Novel Spectral Kurtosis Method for Railway Axle Bearing Fault Diagnosis Yao Cheng Weihua Zhang, Bingyan Chen China
  284 A bearing fault detection methodology based on enhanced adaptive resonance technique Tao Liu Hua Li, Xing Wu, Shaobo Li China
  289 Research on Rotating Machinery Performance Degradation Monitoring System Based on LLE and Neural Network Algorithm Zhiyuan Dong Shujie Liu China
  299 Dynamic modeling and vibration analysis of a planetary gear transmission with tooth tip chipping Yi Yang Niaoqing Hu, Yuehao Li, Zhe Cheng, Peng Luo China
  302 Bearing remaining useful life prediction using a self-attention sequence-to-sequence network Shilong Sun Tengyi Peng China
CT17 20 Theoretical and experimental studies on an electromagnetic vibration energy harvester for rail corrugation sensing Huajiang Ouyang Yifeng Wang, Shoutai Li, Mingyuan Gao, Ping Wang



  97 Machine learning applied to rotary hammering sound test with the optimum hammering conditions Fumiyasu Kuratani Hirotaka Tsuzuki, Tatsuya Yoshida, Naoki Matsui Japan
  152 Damage identification of twist-beam based on strain modal analysis Zhichao Hou Yulin Luo, Lixin Song, Hongyu Wang China
  194 Research on Vibration Characteristic of Last Stage Blade Based on Blade Tip-Timing Technology Shixi Yang Xinyu Hu, Jun He, Daming Zhuang, Haizhou Huang China
  206 Denoising and application of bridge structural health monitoring data Hailin Lu Jing Hao, Xinyang Guo China
  226 An improved modal method for sensitivity analysis of elemental modal strain energy Sheng Lei Wei Tian, Min Lei China
  229 Localization and size evaluation of crack using guided waves and sparsity-based method Hui Zhang Zhi-tao Luo, Sheng Wang, Fei Long Mao, Zhong-hua Ni China
  231 On Data Compression of Internet of Things for Industrial Equipment Vibration Monitoring Yuguo Sun Ruixi Sun China
  235 Vibration-based structural damage detection using one-dimensional convolutional neural network and transfer learning Gongfa Chen Shuai Teng, Li Cheng China
  255 Multiple Damage Identification Analysis of Frame Structure by Artificial Neural Network Hiroyuki Kuroki Takahiro Kondou Japan
  319 Damage identification in plate-type structures using enhanced FDD and robust PCA based on the full-field vibration measurements Shancheng Cao Jinwei Yan
Pengfei Li 
Chao Xu
CT18 34 Effects of simplifying assumptions on vibration serviceability assessment of pedestrian structures Xinxin Wei Michael Kasperski Germany
  38 Speech-assisted Neurodegenerative Diseases Analysis with Deep Learning Yangwei Ying Yuxing Wang, Hong Zhou China
  62 Free vibration analysis of ring-stiffened cylindrical shell-plate coupled structures by using the Chebyshev-Ritz formulation Yuehua Chen Tiantong Zhao China
  68 A Bayesian method for load identification of powertrain mounting system with interval uncertainty Xiaoang Liu Bo Gao China
  113 The Contact of a Deformable Rough Sphere with a Rigid Plat Xiaopeng Li Zhaoning Sun, Xiaohai Li China
  123 Dynamic Programming Method of Aeroengine Multi-stage Rotors Stacking Policy Shixi Yang Jia Kang, Jun He, Zhisheng Peng, Haizhou Huang China
  154 Dynamic simulation of dozer bulldozing soil based on co-simulation of RecurDyn-EDEM-AMESim Xiangqian Zhu Longye Pan, Yajun Huang, Jin-Hwan Choi



  171 Seismic response and reliability analysis of long-span and high-pier bridge under multi-component non-uniform ground motion Zixin Liu Zhangjun Liu, Xinxin Ruan China
  190 Nonlinear vibration of a single spherical bubble in standing wave field Peihua Feng Yongchen Fan, Zhixuan Yuan, Yangyang Yu, Longfei Wang China
  257 Numerical calculation method of propeller noise under the condition of acoustic-flow driving Lin Ke   China
  268 The effect of whole-body vibration on comfort during the cruise of aircraft Yu Huang Jingdong Li China
  288 Error analysis on inertial parameter identification of a rigid body based on mass line method Zhichao Hou Peibao Wu, Rongkang Luo China
  300 Masking on Perception of Seated Human Exposed to Vertical Whole-body Vibration Gen Tamaoki Takuya Yoshimura, Koki Sugimoto Japan
SS01 149 Integration implementation of parametric design of porous materials and acoustic performance analysis  Ke-Xuan Yao Yu Liu, Chao Shen  China
  163 Dynamic force reconstruction of a battery pack based on a Bayesian algorithm Zhichao Hou Ruixue Liu, Kun Qian, Peibao Wu China
  233 Analysis of Friction Effect on Seat Suspension Transmission Characteristics Zhichao Hou Peibao Wu, Peibao Wu, Jiabing Luo, Kun Qian China
  256 Estimation of center of gravity of upper body in sitting posture using force platforms Motomichi Sonobe Hiroto Murakami Japan
  263 Research on vibration control of an energy-harvesting vehicle suspension Zhichao Hou Heng Lai, Rongkang Luo, Peng Zhang China
  311 Improvement of transient vibration by mutual mean compliance and sensitivity analysis Kenta Akazawa Takuya Yoshimura Japan
  312 The prediction of the occupant’s response to the vehicle body vibration using a modular transfer matrix Jianchun Yao Mohammad Fard
Kazuhito Kato
  313 Structural design controlling vibration energy flow Kouki Ooura Takuya Yoshimura Japan
  318 Effects of head motion on motion sickness during roll oscillation and car travel Kazuhito Kato

 Kousuke Suzuki

Chikanori Honda

SS02 31 Development of a methodology for integrated performance analyses of anti-vibration gloves for controlling the hand-transmitted vibration Yumeng Yao Subhash Rakheja, Pierre Marcotte Canada
  138 Modeling and Analysis for Dynamic Performances of A Two-layer Engine Front End Accessory Drive System Wen-Bin Shangguan Yi Sun China
  295 Numerical investigation of tire cavity noise reduction using porous material Haichao Zhou Huiyun Li, Guolin Wang, Qi Xia  China
  298 Study on the vertical, lateral, torsional and pitching stiffness and their coupling effects of air spring Wen-Bin Shangguan Yiqian Zheng China
  316 Broad-range vibration isolation characteristics of an electric vehicle transmission mounting system Yuming Yin

Wen-Bin Shangguan

Xiaoyong Pan
Xiaofeng Tu
Dongming Shen
Chao Yu


Modeling and analysis of motor mounts in electric vehicles for high frequency vibration isolation

Wen-Bin Shangguan Yawei Zheng China
SS03 19 Application of optical vibration sensing in dry-type transformer condition monitoring Yuxing Wang Huihui Jin, Qizhen Wang, Chunming Pei China
  45 Half Order Noise Refinement of the Hybrid Powertrain Rong Bi Wenfeng Zhan, Jingsi Wei, Chuanfeng Zhu, Liangliang Zhang, Bo Gao China
  51 Study on noise mechanism of the axial fan Chen Xu Mingkun Liu,Yijun Mao China
  66 Research on Vibration Characteristics of Pod Propeller Shaft Based on Analytical Method Cong Zhang Yaqi Tian, Xincong Zhou China
  72 Structural design of a Halbach actuator with optimum Force-Electro-Magneto-Thermal Parameters Qianqian Wu Zhihao Li, Bilong Liu China
  83 Research on the Interference Characteristics of Environmental Noise in UHV Substations with Vibration Signal as Calculating Boundary Huanyu Zhang Xuan Cai, Xishan Jiang, Haitao Shen China
  126 Energy transmission in a two-dimensional duct-plate-cavity coupling system Jingtao Du Yang Liu, Yufei Zhang China
  136 Research on Solving Method of UHV Substation Sound Source Model Based on Noise Attenuation Model Lin Luo Hongshuai Li, Hu Fucai China
  297 Sonic Black Holes for Noise Control Xiaoqi Zhang Li Cheng China
SS04 8 Vibration analysis of multi-crack simply supported girder bridge model under multiple moving loads Xiang Zhao Hu Wang, Weidong Zhu, Yinghui Li 



  9 An insight into the influence of lubrication grooves on the dynamic parameters of plain journal bearings Zhongliang Xie Jian Jiao China
  56 Structural damage detection using longitudinal vibration shapes through 3D laser scanning Wei Xu Weidong Zhu China
  73 Status monitoring of fatigue cracks using nonlinear vibration responses Wei Xu Qitian Lu China
  75 A Nonlinear Dynamical Model for Rotating Composite Thin-Walled Beams Subjected to Hygrothermal Effects Liang Li Jian-Qiang Wu, Wei-Dong Zhu, Long Wang, Lai-Wang Jing, Guang-Hong Miao, Ying-Hui Li



  199 Safety assessment of bridge piers with local scours using fluid-structure vibration responses Yang Xiao Jing Chen, Wei Xu China
SS05 44 Sidebands analysis of planetary gear set considering planet gear crack fault with output shaft assembly error Hui Ma Hongzheng Han China
  59 Vibration and meshing characteristics of multi-stage gear transmission system with  tooth modification under different assembly errors Hui Ma Zhifang Zhao, Hongzheng Han, Pengfei Wang, Chenyi Han, Yang Yang China
  155 Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Marine Two-stage Double-helical Planetary Gear Train Yinghou Jiao Guanghe Huo, Bin Wei, Zhaobo Chen, Xiang Zhang China
  277 Nonlinear modal analysis of rotor systems considering gyroscopic and dry friction effects Xingrong Huang Donglai Yang China
  278 Mobile Interface CMS Method for Vibration Characteristics Prediction of Mistuned Bladed Disk with Different Coupling Degrees Liang Zhang Xin Li, Hui-qun Yuan China
SS06 16 Research on Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Acquisition Mechanism of Oscillatory Flapping Wing Wave Energy Power Generation Device Jiajia Wang Zifan Fang, Fei Xiong, Xueyuan Xie China
  17 Design and research on hydraulic conversion system of oscillating flapping-wing wave energy generating device Fei Xiong Zifan Fang, Jiajia Wang, Xueyuan Xie China
  18 Design and Research on Electric Energy Conversion System of the Oscillating Flapping-Wing Wave Energy Converter Xueyuan Xie Zifan Fang, Jiajia Wang, Fei Xiong China
  157 Research on Torsional Vibration of Marine Diesel Generator System Based on Silicon Oil Damper Nengqi Xiao Lei Zou, Baojia Chen, Mengsheng Wang, Hongliang Tian China
  258 A transfer learning method for bearing fault diagnosis Baojia Chen Xueli Chen, Fafa Chen, Wenrong Xiao, Qiang Liu, Bin Zhou China
  259 Research on direct fast iterative filtering and its application in rotor system rubbing fault detection Baojia Chen Xueliang Chen, Wenrong Xiao, Nengqi Xiao, Bin Zhou, Qiang Liu China
  261 Attentional Temporal Convolutional Network for Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Bearings Baojia Chen Zhengkun Chen, Wenlong Fu, Wenrong Xiao, Fafa Chen, Gongfa Li China
  262 Strength calculation and dynamics analysis of large modulus rack and pinion Baojia Chen Shaoxiong Dai, Zongxing Gong, Nengqi Xiao, Gongfa Li, Qiang Liu China
SS07 196 Bearing fault diagnosis based on sparse low rank decomposition under time-varying speed condition Ran Wang Haitao Fang, Liang Yu, Longjing Yu China
  306 Study on vibration characteristics of high-speed train axle-box under wheel non-circular excitation Haoxiang Huo Cai Yi, Hao Wang, Jianhui Lin China
  307 High-speed train bearing fault diagnosis method based on mathematical morphology optimization frequency band division Yuting Liu Cai Yi, Le Ran and Jianhui Lin China

Research on fault diagnosis of wheelset polygon based on EEMD and improved fast ICA algorithm

Qian He Jianhui Lin China
  323 Influence of wheelset defects on vibration performance of high speed railway axle box bearing Yi Zhang  Jianhui Lin China
SS08 92 A Modified SSA Functional for Real-Time Sound Source Localization Yongsheng Yu Linke Zhang, Chang Liu, Li Xia, Xiaohui Song China
  99 The Leaking Recognition Of SF6 gas Based On Feature Extraction Li Wang Zhe Wang, Yongsheng Yu China
  107 Visual recognition method of air leaking signal based on convolutional neural network Li Wang Ziqin Zhou, Yongsheng Yu, Zhe Wang, Peng Song China
  117 Mobile intelligent noise analysis system based on cloud computing Yongsheng Yu Yongwen Hu, Ming Jin, Fucai Hu, Yanwu Xu China
  230 An Application of Machine Learning Technique on Defect Detection of Steering Wheel Armatures based on the Transfer Function Yilin Zhang Qiang Liu, Pingyu Mao, Chunwei Cao, Yisheng Xu, Christopher Morgan China
  245 Study on fault diagnosis of rolling bearing based on S-transform and BP neural network Hefeng Zhou Ruifeng Li, Zhangfu Tian, Yun Zhao, Haijun Wu, Weikang Jiang China
  247 Howling abnormal sound diagnosis of aircraft based on spectrum visibility graph Haijun Wu Xin Wen, Huayong Zhao, Chenyi Zhao China
SS09 4 Wavelet-based time-frequency analysis tool for the diagnosis of vibration fault Gang Yu Haoran Dong, Zhenghao Cui China
  5 S-Transform Based Time–Frequency Analysis Tool with Application to Detection Bearing Fault Gang Yu Zhenghao Cui, Haoran Dong China
  21 Generalized Horizontal Multi-synchrosqueezing Transform Fucai Li Wenjie Bao, Zhihao Chen China
  84 Detection for wheel eccentricity of freight wagons under the variable speed condition based on adaptive chirp mode decomposition Kaiyun Wang Shunqi Sui, Liang Ling, Shiqian Chen, Bo Xie China
  210 Acoustic-Net: A Novel Neural Network for Sound Localization Xiaotong Tu Guanxing Zhou, Hao Liang, Xinghao Ding, Yue Huang China
SS10 27 Investigating the design methods of feedback system via active headrest Lifu Wu Lei Wang, Yecai Guo China
  60 A Diffusion Transform Domain FxLMS Algorithm For Multi-Channel Active Noise Control With Variable Spatial Smoothing Yijing Chu S. C. Chan, , C. M. Mak, M. Wu China
  104 Performance measure for active noise control system Youngjin Park Ikchae Jeong Korea
  110 Active control of low frequency sound absorption of large sized micro-perforated panel absorber on oblique incidence condition Xiyue Ma Lei Wang, Kean Chen, Yang Liu China
  118 Multichannel feedback active headrest combined conveniently adjustable structure and virtual microphone technique Jun Yang Zeqiang Zhang, Ming Wu, Chen Gong, Lan Yin China
  131 Sensitivity Analysis of Compact Hybrid Noise Control System using Theoretical Control Filter Youngjin Park Sanghyeon Lee Korea
  161 Active control of sound radiation through a door slit Jiancheng Tao Shuping Wang, Xiaojun Qiu, Ian Burnett



  173 Dissipation mechanism of viscoelastic layers on sound transmission through active constrained layer damping composite plates Hequn Min Bo Wang, Chong Shen China
  184 Research on Suppression of Lateral Vibration of Propulsion Shaft Based on Electromagnetic Actuator Cong Zhang Hongshuai Li, Fucai Hu  China
  193 Comparison of FxLMS Algorithm and Transformer Algorithm for Automobile Engine Noise Control Haishan Zou Pengju Zhang, Xu Zhong,  Jiancheng Tao, Sheng Wu China
  208 Digital Structural Acoustic Control of Noise Transmission Through Transformer Tank with Active Constrained Layer Damping Hequn Min Bo Wang China
  212 A Comparative Study of Adaptive Algorithms for Active Control of Road Noise in Vehicles Haishan Zou Li Shi, Hao Wang, Sheng Wu, Jiancheng Tao, Kai Chen China
  213 Reference signal selection in the feedforward active road noise control for an electric vehicle Jiancheng Tao Youfan Wang, Haishan  Zou, Xu Zhong, Sheng Wu China
  240 A database for active control of automobile engine noise Jiancheng Tao Xu Zhong, Haishan  Zou, Sheng Wu China
  285 Threshold Iterative Learning Control of Interior Pressure Fluctuation of High-Speed Train Chunjun Chen Lu Yang, Zhiying He, Lixia Huang China
SS11 29 Low frequency sound insulation of a perforated plate-type acoustic metamaterial Tian Ran Lin Zhongyuan Liu, Qiang Fan China
  37 Vibration analysis of an acoustic metamaterial plate with periodical multi-degree of freedom resonators attached Ting Wang Xiao Wang, Meng Xu, Gong Zhao China
  57 Metamaterials for non-reciprocal wave and vibration control Xiaoming Zhou Linlin Geng, Jiahui Huang China
  79 Ultrathin Elastic Metasurfaces for Elastic-wave Manipulation and Isolation Bing Li Yabin Hu, Yongquan Liu China
  195 Broadband low frequency sound insulation characteristics of double panel systems with acoustic metamaterials Yong Xiao Shuaixing Wang China
  211 An underwater meta-structure for low-frequency broadband sound absorption Yanni Zhang Li Cheng China
SS12 89 Dynamics simulation of planetary gearbox spalling failure based on rigid-flexible coupling model and experimental study Hongkun Li Kongliang Zhang, Chaoge Wang, Shunxin Cao China
  225 Analysis of planetary gearbox vibration mechanism based on signal response model Rui Yang   China
  266 Vibration characteristics of the blisk with fatigue crack and effect of damping coating treatment Yugang Chen Qingkai Han, Daitong Wei, Xing Chen, Qingyu Zhu China
SS14 48 Synergetic coupling design method of acoustic functional devices Fuyin Ma Jiu Hui Wu China
  49 Observation of energy band separation of acoustic valley topological edge states Zhen Huang Fuyin Ma, Jiu Hui Wu China
SS15 91 Vibrotactile rendering method for radiating desired sound pressure from a plate Wheejae Kim  Sangwon Park, No-Cheol Park Korea
SS16 26 Flexural wave bandgap in plate strip with embedded periodic two-dimensional acoustic black holes Hongli Ji Bing Han, Li Cheng, Jinhao Qiu China
  28 A Two-dimensional Asymmetric Eccentric Vibration Absorber with Acoustic Black Hole Features Hongli Ji Ning Wang, Li Cheng, Jinhao Qiu China
  43 Transmission Loss of Periodic Plates with Acoustic Black Holes Liling Tang Li Cheng, Kean Chen China
  241 Effects of Annular Acoustic Black Holes on Noise Mitigation Ling Zheng Jie Deng China
  264 Numerical and Experimental Studies on Geometric Nonlinearity of an ABH Beam Li Cheng Xiang Sun HK, China
  291 Vibration Mitigation via Integrated Acoustic Black Holes Ling Zheng Meiyu Li, Jie Deng China
  293 Vibration Control and Structural Strengthening on a Plate with Acoustic Black Holes Ling Zheng Yanshu Cao, Jie Deng, Yinong Li China
  314 Development of Planar Curved Acoustic Black Hole Absorbers for Omni-directional Vibration Suppression Li Cheng Tong Zhou HK, China
MS01 52 Rate-dependent tipping phenomenon in a thermoacoustic system with Lévy noise Yong Xu Xiaoyu Zhang China
  64 Vibration Analysis of Axle Box Bearing Considering the Coupling Effect of Local Defects and Track Irregularities Qian Ding Xue Gong China
  108 Modal balancing of the nonlinear rotor-bearing system based on nonlinear normal modes Qian Ding Tianzhu Wang  China
  236 Deflection control of a propagating sound using acoustic metamaterials Okuno Miyu Komatsuzaki Toshihiko, Osamu Terashima Japan


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